We are an international fashion publication released twice a year, first and foremost as a high quality printed paper magazine. Launched in 2010, Intermission Magazine features content that is intellectually and visually astute and places the spotlight on a compelling mix of different cultural areas. Interviews with the most prominent designers, artists, musicians and photographers are essential to the magazine.

You should be able to find the latest issue in all major magazine shops in bigger cities as well as in a few selected fashion stores around the world such as Colette in Paris and Opening Ceremony among others. A full list of retailers will be shown here soon.

Issue 8 includes interviews with amazing artist Nancy Grossman, painter Winston Chmielinski and tattoo artist Canyon Castator, exceptional fashion stories by Greg Harris, Tony Irvine, Paul Wetherell, Richard Burbridge
and much more fun and interesting features.

Find us on Facebook and instagram, or send us a mail to info@intermissionmagazine.com

Intermission Magazine
Photography: Paul Wetherell
Styling: Brian Molloy
Hair: James Pecis
Makeup: Maki Ryoke

Model: Dylan Fosket

    Photography: Paul Wetherell

    Styling: Brian Molloy

    Hair: James Pecis

    Makeup: Maki Ryoke

    Model: Dylan Fosket

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